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Connyak Paddle Descriptions The following descriptions are for the “usual routes” often taken on Connyak Paddles. Wind, weather and tides are important considerations in choosing a route and many alternate routes are available from these locations. It is suggested that the reader follow along with the narrative on a chart. All distances listed are approximate for the round trip and do not consider any “wandering” that would add to the distance.

Hamburg Cove

  • From the launch on Bushnell Street in Essex, proceed Northeast through North Cove, toward a small opening that leads to the Ct River
  • Proceed North along the Western shore of the river. Watch for Brockway Island on your right, proceed further North until just past Joshua Rock, on the Eastern shore of the river.
  • Cross over the river. Take care near Joshua Rock, as reflecting waves are created when motorboats pass. Proceed South, watching on your left for the entrance to Hamburg Cove, opposite Brockway Island.
  • Explore the Cove, you can go all the way up to the point where the Eight Mile River becomes shallow and rocky.
  • Upon returning to the CT River, proceed South, landing is possible on Nott Island, opposite Essex Harbor.
  • Approximately 10 miles as illustrated, can be lengthened or shortened depending upon how far up or down the river you go.

Overview of Typical Paddle Route Click on the link for an Interactive Map