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Connyak Paddle Descriptions The following descriptions are for the “usual routes” often taken on Connyak Paddles. Wind, weather and tides are important considerations in choosing a route and many alternate routes are available from these locations. It is suggested that the reader follow along with the narrative on a chart. All distances listed are approximate for the round trip and do not consider any “wandering” that would add to the distance.

Great Island

    Great Island boat launch leads to several possible routes.

  • Going upstream from the launch leads to the Back River, a channel that rejoins the CT river.
  • Continuing up the CT River can take you to DEEP Marine Headquarters.
  • Just past this building is a small beach with a picnic table suitable for a lunch stop.
  • Continuing farther upstream leads to Lord’s Cove, a popular fall foliage route.
  • A short paddle downstream leads to Long Island Sound.
  • Going East in the Sound takes you along the Old Lyme shore
  • Watch out for motorized craft at Sound View in season
  • Continuing East will take you to Four Mile River
  • You can stop for lunch on the beach at Hatchett Preserve, just short of Four Mile River
    Straight Out
  • Leads to the open Sound
  • About 3/4 mile out is the Zipper, a sandbar where waves sometimes kick up
  • It is a shallow area, good for learning bracing in conditions
  • It has a mind of its own, but generally kicks up best about 2 hours after low tide, when the returning tide battles with the outgoing river flow
  • To practice in lumpy water like this it is best to have at least three people in the group
  • The Lieutenant River can be reached by continuing up thru the marsh area (pass by the Back River)
  • There are some twists so it is easy to go the wrong way and you will have to double back
  • Carrying a chart would be a good idea
  • Once you reach the LT River you can turn right (up river) and continue to the LT River launch.
  • Turning left will take you out to the CT River and past the DEEP Headquarters
  • The mouth of the Black Hall River is just before you reach the Sound
  • You can follow this river up for a nice paddle.
  • Shortly after passing under the bridge there is a nice twisting marsh area to the right that is fun to explore
    Old Saybrook
  • Instead of going out into the Sound you can cross the CT River to Old Saybrook
  • Caution should used at all times, especially in season, as boat traffic can be heavy
  • Knowledge of rules of the road and channel markers is a must. Don't do this unless you know what you are doing.

Overview of Typical Paddle Route Click on the link for an Interactive Map