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Connyak Paddle Descriptions The following descriptions are for the “usual routes” often taken on Connyak Paddles. Wind, weather and tides are important considerations in choosing a route and many alternate routes are available from these locations. It is suggested that the reader follow along with the narrative on a chart. All distances listed are approximate for the round trip and do not consider any “wandering” that would add to the distance.

Four Mile River

  • A short paddle downstream leads to a small bay.
  • Turn East to follow the shore along Rocky Neck State Park.
  • Avoid the restricted swimming area in season.
  • Ahead you will see small rocky islands to explore.
  • Further ahead is Black Point and then enter Niantic Bay.
  • Turn around at your choice in Niantic Bay.
  • On the return trip, turning in just after Black Point takes you to the Pattagansett area, where there are suitable lunch stops and a long bay to explore.
  • Approximately 10 miles.

Overview of Typical Paddle Route Click on the link for an Interactive Map