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Connyak Paddle Descriptions The following descriptions are for the “usual routes” often taken on Connyak Paddles. Wind, weather and tides are important considerations in choosing a route and many alternate routes are available from these locations. It is suggested that the reader follow along with the narrative on a chart. All distances listed are approximate for the round trip and do not consider any “wandering” that would add to the distance.

Branford River Boat Launch to Farm River and Secret Beach

  • Depart from the Branford River State boat launch. Head down river to the Sound.
  • Turn West around the point, explore Page’s Cove. Farther West, enter the Farm River Gut, then up the Farm River to visit the reversing falls.
  • Proceed down river past the island on your left and curl into the secret beach on your left for lunch.
  • Proceed back to the launch after lunch
  • Strong West winds can create wave conditions at the point where you first enter the open Sound, take note of the wind before deciding to continue on this paddle.
  • Approximately 10 miles as illustrated, can be lengthened or shortened depending upon how far up or down the river you go.

Overview of Typical Paddle Route Click on the link for an Interactive Map