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Additional Kayak Waveology Pool Sessions.

"Additional" Kayak Waveology’s Winter / Spring Pool Sessions.

In an effort to help out the local paddling community, we squeezed in to additional kayak pool sessions to keep you guys in prime form.

Times are from 2-4 PM (Sunday afternoons), Haddam Killingworth HS pool house. Located on Little City Rd in Haddam CT.


Feb 26, 2017
Mar 12, 2017

Pool sessions are great for keeping up with your long term learning so your skills don't go flat. Sea or river paddling skills such as rolling, support/ bracing skills, and new rescues to learn. During the long winter months it is always good to stay in touch with your friends in the paddling community.

The rate for just pool time and your own structured practice is $25.00/pp.

If you’re looking for a 2 hr personalized coach given lesson, we can work on the following. Getting your roll down, figuring what roll is best for you, learning different types of rolling, fine tuning your rolls, rescue techniques solo and assisted, along with support/bracing techniques to prevent a capsize. All stationary skills we can focus on without moving around a lot and using up pool space so other sea / river kayakers can work on their winter goals. This option will be offered at a rate of $100.00/pp and includes the pool fee.

If you are interesting in scheduling your time with a coach during one of these pool sessions.

Please contact me via by phone and or email.

Greg Paquin
Kayak Waveology.
Phone : 860-304-4000
Email: coach@kayakwaveology.com

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