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NDK Explorer *LINK*

2007 Explorer - light blue over white, 17.5' x 21" with Karitek slider skeg (works perfectly) and custom 34" bulkhead.
I have extra foam in the bulkhead for my leg length, which can be removed.
I bought new in 2008 - in very good condition: always stored indoors, has some gelcoat scratches from normal use.
Located in Rhinebeck NY. $1350.
Photos available on request.
Contact: 834.232.8439.

P&H Scorpio (price drop 8/17)

P&H Scorpio. 2009 model with normal wear and tear. This is the poly version of the popular P&H Cetus sea kayak. Convenient fourth mini hatch in easy reach of cockpit. Hatches and decklines all good. Compass mounted. 2009 was before they started making an HV and an LV, this is equivalent to an MV. Easy entry and exit cockpit, takes Seals 1.7 sprayskirt. Now $700.
See cl for pictures: https://nh.craigslist.org/boa/d/ph-scorpio/6648388194.html
Contact:saltcreek at aol dot com

14' handcrafted skin on frame kayak`

FOR SALE - Handcrafted 26 lb. 14’ Greenland Skin on Frame Kayak. Copied from a popular production kayak but in a lightweight version. The kayak is covered with 9-ounce ballistic nylon and is extremely puncture resistant. The skin is sewn around the frame and into the cockpit. The frame is made from western red cedar and the white ash ribs are each sewn steam bent into place and pegged securely to the gunwales. Kayak frame is lashed together with waxed string. Built the same as the Inuit with the substitution of seal skin and seal sinew and use of modern hand tools such as Japanese saw. Very good condition. For pictures please email: sharonmlieber at gmail dot com.
Price: 1,500.

Rockpool Isel

The Isel, perfect for smaller paddlers, is fast and easy to maneuver with high levels of stability in all conditions. The boat is three-years-old, minimal wear, new seat and keel strip. Read more about the Isel on Rockpool's website: http://www.rockpoolkayaks.com/isel.php

Hull: Length: 16 feet 10 inches (5.13m) - Width: 21 inches (0.53m) – Volume: 276 litres

Asking $3,300

Contact me at klp0423@gmail.com

View Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QyyVGOy7VnvL3qPT2

Skin on Frame Kayak

Beautiful Skin on Frame kayak in very good condition. Built using oak wood, skin is tight and the boat has no leaks or issues.

Text 401-301-5816 for more information or pictures

Asking $650

Necky Elaho

16 foot sea kayak with drop skeg for sale. Great boat used on Long Island Sound. Life jacket, paddle, skirt, pump, all included. Asking $700 obo
Lots of fun.
Photos on craigslist new haven. Search Necky Elaho.
Contact: msfixitcz at sbcglobal dot net

Yakima Whispbar Flush Bar Roof Rack S6

Selling Yakima Whispbar Flush Bar Roof Rack S6 (pair). Has lock system with key. About 6 years old. Excellent condition. Bought for $475. Asking $200. Pick up and cash only. Contact: foodbytes2 at gmail dot com

Stellar SEL

Stellar SEL, first gen. blue over white, for sale.
Boat is in great condition and well cared for.
Asking $2600 or best offer.
Contact: timmy_shields at yahoo dot com

Wilderness System Seascape Tandem

A low profile fiberglass deck and efficient hull with flared sides offering ample reserve buoyancy and load capacity. This Seascape tandem excels in heavy weather. It features built-in knee braces, large easy to use hatches, well placed deck fittings, bow and stern hatches with ABS hard shell covers. Also ABS seats with adjustable backrests, padded seat and backrest cushion covers, bulkheads, carry straps and more. This kayak is a pleasure to paddle on expeditions, overnights or day trips. Its performance and comfort are unmatched in a touring double. The Seascape is one of the most popular designs among guide services and rental agencies.

For pictures and additional information, please reply or email: aleber@vermontel.net


L-19’ 10” W-30” D-12.5”
Cockpit: L-32.5” W-16”
Bow Hatch: 15”x 8”
Stern Hatch 13” x 19”
Weight: 80 lbs

CLC Northbay

North Bay XL: (18'-10"x22"). Weight 40 pounds. I modified the stock CLC plans by dropping the shear line of the side panels by 2" at the aft end of the cockpit. The new shear line was drawn using this point and the stock bow and stem heights. This makes for a low center of gravity, which facilitates rolling and bracing. The North Bay models have a reputation of weather cocking (pointing into the wind), so I planed a bit more rocker into the bow and added a small fixed skeg to the stem, plus I moved the seat aft by 1". These modifications seem to have worked, as the boat was neutral in the water in a stiff breeze. Another fix, recommended by CLC, is the installation of a retractable skeg during construction.

The above statement was from the original builder but sums the boat up pretty well. a picture can be seen on the connyak home page under boat builders, Brooks Martyn. I have not used the boat in several years. I am 6'2" and fit in it but because of the modification it leaves me no free board. boat would be a good fit for someone around 170lbs. only boat I ever hand rolled. for more pictures email pprice at snet dot net. boat is in mint condition and I am looking for $800 cash. Contact pprice at snet dot net

Tempest 170 Pro Sea Kayak

Red Deck, White Hull, LOA 17’, Beam 22”, Weight 56 lbs, Capacity 325 lbs, drop skeg, 3 hatches, deck line, deck compass. This is a very good LI Sound solo sea kayak. Stable enough for the waves, yet I can reliably Eskimo roll when I want to cool off. It is missing one letter on the Wilderness Systems logo.New, it cost us a bit over $3,000. We will take $1,800 for this sweet boat.
Images are at: http://canoeing.com/classifieds/show-ad/51/wilderness-systems-tempest-pro-solo-sea-kayak/stamford/connecticut/united-states/kayaks-for-sale/

P&H Cetus HV

This is a used 2014 fiberglass Cetus HV with a foamed bulkhead, keel strip and compass, for sale at $2200.

The Cetus is a fast cruiser designed as a load carrier. It has become the natural choice for paddlers looking for a stable expedition platform or a fast, easy to paddle boat for long distance paddles. However it's not just a boat for long trips though, it's equally as capable being used as a fast day cruiser. Has fourth hatch in easy reach in front of your cockpit, quick and easy to reach to stow a camera or day gear when things are getting a bit rougher.

Pictures can be found at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yQfjnhKui0KwQ7toO1JlbZqUOpldlnZ4.
Contact apalmer226 at gmail dot com with inquiries.

Proem by Pat Moore

Pat Moore designed this innovative canoe, which was built by Blackhawk Canoes in Janesville, Wisconsin. Unlike most canoes, the Proem's lines focus on replacing displaced water, allowing it slip through the water will hardly any wake and no gurgling, even when turning sharply. The result is a joy to paddle, especially on quiet water where the paddler wants to blend into the environment. To accomplish Mr. Moore's goal, he made it widest about a foot forward of center. The waterline is concave over the first few feet rather than convex like most canoes. The bow quarters are extremely flared. The stern tapers over its length to a tall, fine & straight sided stern.
The shearline is very strong, with tall stems making the center look shallow.
The Proem has a pedestal seat that adjusts fore and aft and knee pads. Specs: Weight: 31 lbs; Length: 11'10"; Gunwale width: 26"; 4" Waterline width 24 1/2"
Asking $975 for this rare and special canoe.
Images are at: http://canoeing.com/classifieds/show-ad/49/proem-by-pat-moore/stamford/connecticut/united-states/canoes-for-sale/

NorthStar Pro Tandem Sea Kayak

Light Mint Green, LOA 19’11”, Beam 29”, Weight 99 lbs, Capacity 650 lbs, rudder (retracts from stern cockpit while under way), 3 hatches, deck line, deck compass. This is a very stable boat, even in LI Sound waves. Very easy to paddle, even if only one person is paddling at a time. Unlike some other tandems, including most of the plastic ones, this has a nice amount of rocker (the curve on the keel from bow to midships to stern) which greatly enhances maneuverability. The length is a real advantage with tracking and speed. Once, while in a hurry, Marsha and I clocked in at 6 knots on the GPS and passed everyone in sight. New, it cost us $4,300. We will take $2,800 for this near-perfect condition craft.
Images are at http://canoeing.com/classifieds/show-ad/50/wilderness-systems-northstar-pro-tandem-sea-kayak/stamford/connecticut/united-states/kayaks-for-sale/

For Sale - 1905 B.N. Morris Canoe

For Sale - 1905 B.N. Morris Canoe

18ft Special Indian, Extra Beam
Fully restored by Schuyler Thomson of Thomson Canoe Works, Norwalk Connecticut.
Excellent condition and in storage since restoration.

Price - $5,200

For pictures and additional information, please reply or email eobrackett@gmail.com

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