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Re: Club Meeting Wed. 11/15, Wallingford Park & Re

: Our November Club business meeting is this Wednesday. It would be
: helpful if anyone who has any interest in the future of ConnYak
: would consider what should be done going forward to encourage
: more folks to volunteer a little of their time to help with the
: basic functioning of the club. If you have any fresh ideas, we'd
: love to hear them. For many years ConnYak has been the place to
: go for anyone in the local paddling community who wanted to find
: like-minded folks looking to safely expand their sea kayaking
: experience. In recent years there has been a dwindling of
: enthusiasm and support for managing or even attending our Club
: events. We need to do something about that.

: Among the topics for discussion will be:

: The new upcoming $12(!) pool sessions in Cheshire this winter
: (thanks Rusty) and what we'll need to do to promote them and
: assure their successful implementation.
: The Treasury report and a budget for next year - What should we be
: (or not) spending money on.

: We'll also need to discuss recruiting officer candidates for the
: winter elections - Please, consider volunteering for one the
: positions, you don't have to be a long-time senior member, we
: just need some enthusiastic folks willing to pitch in to help
: improve the club for everyone. If you've got a grand vision for
: ConnYak, the Presidential slot is still available.

: In addition to officers, we need people to organize more trips next
: year, consider becoming a trip coordinator - Seriously, we
: should try to offer some sort of paddling opportunity every
: weekend during the warm months. Again, you don't need to be a
: long-time member or hold a 5 star certification or anything. All
: that is really necessary is the willingness to share your trip
: with other paddlers at a time and place of your choosing with a
: destination of you choosing and at level of difficulty that
: you're comfortable with. ConnYak trips are essentially of the
: "common adventure model" variety so you won't have to
: stress out about "leading" anybody. Ideally, some
: newer members will step up and put together some lower level
: trips next year. Also, if there are any other activities (guest
: speakers, picnics, a holiday party etc.) that anyone would
: willing to help come to pass, please step up. Club meetings in
: the cold months can be a great time with a good guest speaker or
: presentation.

: It won't be exciting, but I hope some of you will be able to attend
: the meeting. We could use some new ideas and fresh perspective.

: 6:30 PM, Wednesday
: Wallingford Park & Recreation
: 6 Fairfield Blvd # 6, Wallingford, CT. 06492

I cannot come to this meeting due to a previous commitment, but I wish that I could. I want to see this club continue to be strong paddling community that serves both its seasoned, veteran members and those of us who are newer to the sea kayaking world. As a newer member and less experienced paddler, I have benefited greatly from the knowledge, experience and encouragement that other paddlers have shared with me and am happy to give back to the organization. I was hesitant to post paddles thinking no one would come on a paddle led by a "newbie," but there were weekends with no paddles posted and I wanted to paddle. Many thanks to the members who did post paddles this summer and especially to Eric because I really loved kayaking in and around Jamestown. I will do my best to come to future meetings. I think it would be helpful if we tried to have a meeting that drew a larger group to discuss the club's future. Possibly combine that with an interesting program or meet at a restaurant that has a meeting room. Just my 2 cents. Please keep in touch.

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